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a Housing Assessment for the Greater Lansing Region


 HousingDrives is an effort to identify the diverse housing needs of current and future Greater Lansing residents using data and community feedback.

Housing drives so many aspects of our daily lives, including equity, health, our economy, stability, transportation, general quality of life, and more. 

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Curious how your area is doing with housing? Check our our data book to view key metrics, trends, and needs for each community!

What is HousingDrives

What is HousingDrives?

HousingDrives is a housing assessment of urban, rural, and suburban communities throughout our region. The project’s goal is to identify the diverse housing needs of current and future Greater Lansing residents and learn what the region can do to address those challenges and opportunities to ultimately create housing that is attainable for all walks of life. 

We have heard from our community – residents, businesses, community leaders, and more – that our region does not have the attainable housing that existing and potential residents desire. Yet, we do not know what these specific needs are. The intent of this study is to define those diverse needs and identify what local communities, private and nonprofit organizations, and other leaders can do to address them. 

Specifically, the study will: 

  • Provide a data-driven assessment of the housing market, housing stock, and housing needs of communities throughout Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham counties in detail; 

  • Quantify housing needs/demand across various price points and types; 

  • Engage the community in dialogue about their housing experiences, policy options, and their priorities for the future; and, 

  • Create a strategy, with specific policies that address the region’s housing needs. 

Watch these short videos to learn more about HousingDrives

Data Overview

What Does the Data Say?

Review our HousingDrives report and Data Book for a summary of key metrics, data trends, and major needs for communities in our region. Download the report and learn more about the list of communities we analyzed below!

  • DeWitt Charter Township

  • City of DeWitt

  • Bath Charter Township

  • City of St. John’s

  • Delta Charter Township

  • City of Grand Ledge

  • City of Charlotte

  • City of Lansing

  • City of East Lansing

  • Lansing Charter Township

  • Meridian Charter Township

  • Delhi Charter Township

  • City of Mason

  • City of Williamston


What Comes Next?

While this study was under development, the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) published Michigan’s first Statewide Housing Plan and established the Michigan Statewide Housing Partnership, which called for the creation of regional housing consortiums. MSHDA has since identified 15 Regional Housing Partnerships (RHPs) tasked with developing action plans tailored to each region that support implementation of the plan.

Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (Tri-County), in partnership with the Capital Area Housing Partnership (CAHP), will lead the facilitation of this RHP effort for the tri-county region, serving Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham counties. This RHP will bring stakeholders from across the region together to develop a five-year housing action plan that addresses local and regional housing needs, builds on the region’s existing networks and housing ecosystem, and aligns with the priorities, goals, and strategies identified in both the Statewide Housing Plan and HousingDrives assessment. 

Housing Drives Everything

Housing drives so many aspects of our daily lives in the Greater Lansing tri-county region: our quality of life, our financial health, our economy, and the well-being of our families and neighbors. Take a few minutes to explore some facts associated with each of these aspects below.

Housing Drives Everything
Housing Effects
Did You Know?
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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