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Mapping & Interactive Data

Maps provide a key method of visually communicating our plans and regional trends to policy makers, the public, and our local communities. Tri-County maintains a map gallery of both static and interactive maps, applications, story maps, and mapping and forecasting tools to help tell the story of our region and its transportation options, accessibility to essential services, and other factors that impact our quality of life. 

Databases & Dashboards

We provide a variety of data analysis, forecasting, and data-centric information to help citizens, businesses, and municipalities make informed decisions about living, working, and doing business in the Greater Lansing area. Our databases, tools, and dashboards provide up-to-date information on demographics and socioeconomic trends, land use, economic key indicators, environmental considerations, and transportation-related data. 

Services & Technical Assistance

Tri-County offers services to the community to help advance local and regional goals for improving the Greater Lansing area. Our services help fulfill both our local communities' technical needs and implementation strategies outlined in our federally-mandated planning documents for the tri-county region. Local governments, community partners, and other regional organizations are eligible to participate in our variety of technical services offered by staff.

Databases & Dashboards

Maps and datasets are created for planning purposes from a variety of sources. They are neither an official survey nor a legal document. Information provided by other agencies should be verified with sources where appropriate. 

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