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Groundwater Management Board

The Groundwater Management Board (GMB) provides a forum for the coordination of groundwater matters in the tri-county region, and reviews and comments on land use and/or water development projects that may have a potential impact on groundwater management. It is composed of representatives from Michigan State University and governmental units from Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham counties, and was designated by the State of Michigan as the local Large Water Users Group. Should there be a water use dispute, the GMB acts as the organizing body for discussion and mediation.

The Groundwater Technical Advisory Council (GTAC) is an advisory council of the Groundwater Management Board. It is comprised of groundwater specialists from local government, local health departments, state agencies, and other organizations that play a direct role in groundwater protection. The GTAC advises the GMB on technical matters related to groundwater management.

View past projects, the Tri-County Water Policies & Programs Guide, and the Lansing Metropolitan Area Groundwater Management Plan to learn more about the GMB’s activities to protect our region’s drinking water resources.

Check the calendar for upcoming meetings of GMB and GTAC.

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