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Regional Asset Management Summit

Following up on a successful round of Regional Asset Management Summits this past spring,* a second series of Communication and Coordination Summits are being held across the state to continue the conversation. Promoting collaborative, coordinated, and consistent infrastructure asset management strategy in Michigan, the summits are designed to:

  • Represent all stakeholders who use and manage Michigan’s infrastructure

  • Remove barriers that hinder efficient and effective infrastructure asset management

  • Align standards and resources across all infrastructure assets – transportation, water, utilities, and communications

*Statewide summaries and regional feedback reports from the fifteen spring summits held across the state can be found at the Michigan Infrastructure Council (MIC) website.

On behalf of the Michigan Infrastructure Council, join us for the second of our two Asset Management Summits in 2019 for the Greater Lansing region on the morning of November 5th at the MSU Henry Center for Executive Development. Transportation, water, utilities, and communications practitioners, managers, elected officials, and public and private infrastructure owners are invited to attend. Your participation in this summit gives YOU an opportunity to share your perspective, offer ideas, and voice concerns on this important topic!

Register and find additional details at

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