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FY 2023 Annual Listing of Obligated Transportation Projects

The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission is pleased to announce the Annual Listing of Obligated Transportation Projects for fiscal year 2023 is now available! This report constitutes the required annual listing of projects for the tri-county region planned from October 1, 2022, to September 30, 2023. In FY 2023, more than $325 million in federal and state funding was leveraged to complete road construction, public transit, and other transportation projects.

Tri-County is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization for Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham counties and the Lansing, Michigan metropolitan area. This annual report includes a variety of information regarding the region's Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and projects within the region that have leveraged federal and state funds, including the amount of federal funds programmed, federal funds obligated, and the remaining funds needed. Committed federal funds are subtracted from the programmed federal funds to determine the difference in funding received.

Additional highlights in this report include: 7.7 miles of reconstruction, 15.1 miles of road capital preventative maintenance, 30.2 miles of road rehabilitation, and 1 mile of work on nonmotorized infrastructure.

Tri-County began implementing the FY 2023-2026 TIP on October 1, 2022, which includes over $600 million of investment in our region's transportation system planned through September 30, 2026.

View the report and transportation projects funded in FY 2023 at or click on the image below.

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Feb 28

The anecdotes shared in this blog are both entertaining and informative.

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