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The Place.

Michigan Avenue is more than a road. It connects world-class talent at Michigan State University in East Lansing to our State Capitol in Lansing, where decisions about the lives of Michiganders are made every day.

This is Michigan's Avenue.

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The People.

We are passionate. We are engaged.

We care.


Join us as a member of our community and share your voice and vision to help create a vibrant future for Michigan's Avenue!

The Time.

There have been many studies over the years for Michigan Avenue. Road construction is planned and development is happening!


Now is the time to agree on a single, unified vision for the corridor.

We've got history.

Over the years, extensive studies have been conducted to explore ways to improve the corridor, including the 2014 Capitol Corridor Study by Tri-County and the 2017 Shaping the Avenue project by Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA).

The timeline below outlines previous studies that have been completed, which are now setting the stage for a final, collective vision moving forward – The Vision for Michigan’s Avenue.


How is this study different?

You've shared your ideas for years - we hear you!


Since the most recent study in 2017 - Shaping the Avenue - our nation, region, and local communities have seen change. Michigan Avenue has new housing developments, road improvements, and more. We've also experienced a global pandemic that effectively shut down our world and potentially changed our priorities.


This study aims to verify what has been shared in previous studies and make sure that the ultimate vision for the corridor is technically feasible and possible. This is an opportunity to clarify our community's goals and objectives for the Michigan Avenue Corridor as we envision our current and future transportation needs - like walkability and ease of driving, riding the bus, and bicycling - and development desires - like access to businesses and emergency services, placemaking, and other designs that inspire vibrant public spaces for people and businesses along the backbone of our region's urban core.

We can't wait to see what Michigan's Avenue will look like, together.

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Pre-Design Project Timeline


August 25th

Save the date! We're planning an open house style community event along Michigan Avenue. Stay tuned for more details.

Get involved.

Transportation planning affects all of us. It influences the roads that are repaired, the systems that are implemented, and even the goods, services, and businesses that come into the area. 

Explore the Corridor!

Navigate the map below to view signalized intersections, bus stops, planned construction projects, cultural districts, and more along Michigan's Avenue!


Implementation is coming.

With the City of Lansing's road construction plans in 2023 and 2024, this is a pivotal moment to take a step forward in enhancing the corridor and making sure our community's projects work toward a shared vision!

Below are frequently asking questions and thought starters that we will continue to update throughout the duration of the project to keep the community informed as the project proceeds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stay in touch.

If you’d like to stay in the know on this project, please leave your contact information!


Have more questions?

Contact info@mitcrpc.org.

Meet the technical team.
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