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Public Meeting & Comment Period Notice: Public Participation Plan

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (Tri-County) is providing the opportunity for public comment on the draft Public Participation Plan (PPP) beginning at the meeting of the Capital Area Regional Transportation Study (CARTS) Technical Committee on June 1, 2021 at 8:30 a.m. The public comment period will run from June 1st to July 15th before the PPP will be considered for adoption at Tri-County’s Board of Commissioners meeting scheduled for July 28th at 6 p.m.

The CARTS Technical Committee meeting will include a presentation of the draft document and an overview of key changes from the current approved PPP. To participate in the meeting, please use the call-in information below:

Dial In Number: +1-312-626-6799

Meeting ID: 924 7785 9937

Meeting Link:

The PPP outlines the specific requirements, procedures, tools, and expectations for outreach and education activities employed by Tri-County to ensure the public is provided opportunities to be involved in the regional planning process. Tri-County revisits the PPP and evaluates the effectiveness of tools and techniques used to engage with the public on a regular basis, and makes updates as needed following the development of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

This update to the PPP will bring together Tri-County's voluntarily maintained agency-wide PPP and the federally required transportation PPP into one document, including recommendations and best practices for public participation procedures across all three of Tri-County's programs, updated public engagement tools and techniques, as well as our latest virtual public involvement practices. The draft PPP is available for public review here.

Can't make the meeting? Share your feedback via our online public comment form at any time, or email our office at

For persons with hearing or speech disabilities, please dial 711 to utilize the Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS). Our Commission Clerk, Sharee Fink, will be happy to assist with setting up your phone call 10 minutes prior to the meeting. Please notify her at your earliest convenience if you intend to use this service at If you require additional accommodations outside of this service to fully participate in the meeting, please note that 24-hour notice may be needed for certain accommodations; an attempt will be made to grant all reasonable accommodation requests.


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