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Tri-County Launches Housing Project for Greater Lansing Region

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

HousingDrives to Provide Assessment of Current Housing Market and Strategy

for Future Improvements

LANSING, Mich. — The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (Tri-County) is conducting a housing assessment for urban, rural, and suburban communities throughout Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham counties. HousingDrives intends to help local stakeholders better understand and address the existing trends and barriers of the housing market in the Greater Lansing region. Once completed, the outcomes can be used by community leaders to make informed decisions about investing in housing for all residents.

Tri-County is offering a survey at through Friday, April 15 to gather residents’ experiences with housing in their communities. Feedback from the survey will be used to supplement a data-driven assessment of housing at the neighborhood, city, and regional scale and help develop a strategy with specific policies addressing the region’s housing needs. The results of HousingDrives will help to identify critical gaps in housing networks and establish areas of opportunity for targeted investment and strategic planning.

“Housing drives so many aspects of our daily lives — from our financial health and economy to our quality of life and the well-being of our families and neighbors,” said Executive Director Jim Snell. “We’ve heard from our community that our region does not have the attainable housing that current and future residents desire. This assessment will help to pinpoint where policy needs to change, and areas where investments need to happen.”

Tri-County has partnered with Development Strategies and Piper & Gold to help analyze housing data, conditions, and policies, and support engagement opportunities with local stakeholders and the public. In addition, this work is supported by a steering committee whose members have a broad range of perspectives and experience spanning across housing development, advocacy, real estate, higher education, finance, and workforce development.

This project is part of Tri-County’s ongoing work to ensure the economic vitality and meaningful development of the region’s urban and rural communities.

To learn about what housing means for our region and how you can get involved with HousingDrives, visit

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Nicole Baumer, Deputy Director

Tri-County Regional Planning Commission


Emma Selby, Communications Specialist

Piper & Gold Public Relations


The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission is a public planning agency established in 1956, serving Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham counties in Mid-Michigan. Tri-County makes our region a more prosperous community by planning for a strong economy, reliable transportation, and sustainable infrastructure and natural resources. We connect local organizations and governments to funding, technical assistance, data resources, and opportunities to discuss trends and challenges affecting the Greater Lansing area. Learn more at


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