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Economic Resiliency

Tri-County recognizes that sustainable economic prosperity is linked to our region’s ability to recover from major disruptions, or shocks, to its economic base. Guided by the principle that resilience is the capacity of individuals, communities, institutions, businesses, and infrastructure to survive, adapt, and grow, no matter the kinds of episodic shocks experienced, Tri-County works to support the development and implementation of regional efforts in ensuring economic resilience within the three-county area.

Recovering from COVID-19

To help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus and instill additional measures to protect public safety, the State of Michigan issued orders in the spring of 2020 to temporarily restrict in-person work, travel, and gatherings in public and private locations and places. As a result, significant economic disruption occurred throughout the tri-county region that affected businesses, families, and local units of government. The  COVID-19  pandemic  has  created  deep  and  lasting  challenges, both globally and locally, with businesses facing especially devastating consequences for short-term wellbeing and long-term growth.


It is imperative for stakeholders of the tri-county area to understand the extensive economic impacts COVID-19 has had on the region. In response to this disruption and in service of our planning for economic prosperity, Tri-County has worked with a consultant to collect and analyze comprehensive data sets cataloging the social, economic, and interrelated impacts of COVID-19 through an Economic Impact Analysis

Ensuring a Resilient Economy

Building on results of our Economic Impact Analysis, a Regional Economic Resiliency Strategy was completed in early 2022. The strategy analyzes existing data trends, core industries and economic pillars, and key collaborations needed for long-term economic resiliency and recovery in the event of economic disruptions such as recessions, financial crises, the loss of a major employer, social unrest, and natural and man-made disasters. 

View the dashboard below to learn more about key data indicators that help track our region's economic resiliency,

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