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Recreational Access & Greenspace

The connectivity and accessibility of our region's parks, trails, and water amenities play a crucial role in making the Greater Lansing area a competitive place to live and play. Recreational activities and greenspace greatly improve the quality of life of our region's residents and visitors, adding value to our economy and benefiting communities with low-cost opportunities to enjoy our natural resources.


Tri-County collaborates with community stakeholders to plan for purposeful redevelopment of spaces that will provide access for all, making our region's amenities and assets, like the Grand River and our regional trails system, shared resources with ample placemaking opportunities. As a state and region, our trails, water trails, and parks support tourism, encourage exercise and healthy outdoor activities, promote appreciation and protection of our natural resources, and connect those who walk and bike to community assets and public spaces. With the help of the U.S. National Park Service, we're currently developing a trails plan for Greater Lansing to expand upon our existing system and leverage those assets to bolster Mid-Michigan as a hub for local businesses, communities, and visitors. 

Additionally, as the state-designated Regional Clearinghouse for the Greater Lansing area, Tri-County reviews jurisdictions' parks- and recreation-related plans for alignment with best practices and urban and rural development standards set for the region, many of which are outlined in our vision for regional growth.

We also partner with organizations across the region to promote and advocate for our region's parks and recreational assets and link healthy community initiatives with non-motorized transportation planning. We actively collaborate with partners like the Michigan Fitness Foundation, Land Use & Health Resource Team, Healthy! Capital Counties, Power of We, Ingham County Parks, Eaton County Parks & Recreation Department, and Clinton County Parks & Greenspace Commission​.

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