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In addition to getting us to and from work, school, or shopping, walking and bicycling provide a great outlet for exercise and recreation. There's been a push to recognize and support bicycling as an inexpensive, quick, and eco-friendly form of non-motorized travel. Tri-County recognizes that these various modes are a critical tool in moving people, reducing emissions, and improving the quality of life for the residents of our region. In an effort to make Mid-Michigan as connected as possible, Tri-County is developing a regional non-motorized plan that details specific projects, such as bike lanes, paths, and water trails, to integrate into the current transportation system. 


We've formed a Non-Motorized Advisory Working Group, with a variety of representatives from the non-motorized community, local engineers, and planning staff appointed by Capital Area Regional Transportation Study​ (CARTS), that has been tasked with the development and maintenance of this regional non-motorized plan, known as the Non-Motorized Transportation Plan (NMTP). 

When approved, Tri-County's NMTP will inform bicycle and pedestrian planning in the region. In addition, non-motorized planning is incorporated into all of our long-range planning efforts. This includes the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan currently under development, which will provide a long-range vision for all modes of transportation over the next 25+ years for our region.


The primary purposes of the Regional Non-Motorized Transportation Plan include:

  • Fulfill the federal requirement to address bicycle and pedestrian planning as a component of the Regional Transportation Plan;

  • Provide a consolidated summary of the existing bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, data, and design standards throughout the region;

  • Provide the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission's member governments and planning partners with tools to support their local non-motorized planning and accommodation initiatives; and

  • Position the tri-county region's communities to pursue state and federal funding opportunities.

Interested in the road and trail biking paths our region has to offer? Check out our Road and Trail Bicycling Guide developed in partnership with MDOT. The map shows road surface type, traffic volume ranges, paved/unpaved shared use paths with regional significance, recreational facilities, points of interest, plus other facilities and amenities which help make cycling across Michigan an enjoyable tourism experience.


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