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(Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning)

In addition to getting us to and from work, school, or shopping, walking and bicycling provide a great outlet for exercise and recreation. There's been a push to recognize and support bicycling as an inexpensive, quick, and eco-friendly form of non-motorized travel. Tri-County recognizes that these various modes are a critical tool in moving people, reducing emissions, and improving the quality of life for the residents of our region.

Interested in the road and trail biking paths our region has to offer? Check out our Road and Trail Bicycling Guide developed in partnership with MDOT. The map shows road surface type, traffic volume ranges, paved/unpaved shared use paths with regional significance, recreational facilities, points of interest, plus other facilities and amenities which help make cycling across Michigan an enjoyable tourism experience.

If you're looking to explore our trails and waterways more closely before you travel, our Virtual Trail Explorer offers a 360° visual tour of a selection of regional trails that can be viewed from the comfort of your home, including information about public access points, amenities, and more along the way!


Current Non-motorized Planning Activities


Tri-County has partnered with the U.S. National Park Service to create a trails plan for Greater Lansing with the goal of expanding our current network and taking advantage of our region's central geographic location to bolster Mid-Michigan as a hub for local businesses, communities, and visitors. Learn more about the development process and how you can get involved, and stay tuned for our story map that will provide a full picture of our existing system.

When approved, the trails plan will inform bicycle and pedestrian planning in the region. In addition, non-motorized planning is incorporated into all of our long-range planning efforts. This includes the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan adopted in December of 2020, which provides a long-range vision for all modes of transportation over the next 25+ years for our region.

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