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(Movement of Goods)

Our economy relies on the transportation of goods, and while freight plays a key role in the economic prosperity of our communities, it increases traffic on our highways and railroads. The FAST Act – Fixing America’s Surface Transportation – has placed emphasis on freight planning with a dedicated source of federal dollars for freight projects.


The region's 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan analyzes the effects of freight traffic, including economic impacts, and a Regional Freight and Goods Movement Plan will detail projects that will improve truck routes.  Tri-County has identified a multimodal Regional Freight Network and identified physical industrial clusters and corridors that are reliant on existing freight infrastructure for continued economic activity.


Tri-County will soon develop a Regional Freight Plan to enhance freight movement in the region. The plan will include all modes of freight transportation and identify significant corridors and geographic areas where freight investment could help resolve freight mobility and congestion and safety issues, as well as enhance economic development opportunities for the region’s residents and business community. That planning process will start with a vision for a desired future, and from the vision, goals and performance measures will be created to help achieve it. Check back for updates!

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