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Public Transit

Our region offers several local and regional bus services, including public transit, paratransit, and private provider services. These transportation services have many benefits: they directly link to the economy via businesses and access to jobs, reduce fuel consumption and your carbon footprint, and provide mobility for groups who would otherwise be restricted.


Part of Tri-County’s role in the region is to support planning efforts and to promote public transit facilities and specialized transportation to connect individuals to their community. Public transportation in the tri-county region includes various modes, such as linehaul, van pool services, paratransit for senior citizens and people with disabilities, and local and express bus service.

We also consider other types of public transit in planning for the region’s future transportation needs, such as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT). These options have been or are currently being studied for corridors with particularly high transit usage and potential.


Tri-County works closely with the staff and leadership of the Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA), the region’s primary transit provider, to plan for the current and future transportation needs of residents across the region. Several efforts are underway to assess the need for transit in new services in the region, as well as to provide enhanced service within existing coverage areas. Additionally, the 2045 MTP reviews all transit services in the region and analyzes possibilities to enhance communities’ quality of life.

To learn more about public transit services available for the tri-county region, visit each service providers' website:

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