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Pavement Condition

Tri-County has undertaken the implementation of a scientific asset management system for roadway pavements to provide the planning of pavement preservation and provide recommendations for rehabilitation and reconstruction of our roadway infrastructure assets.


Tri-County collaborates with local and state officials to assess the condition of paved surface roadways using a visual rating system called Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating, or PASER. We are the responsible agency for coordinating with locals and the Transportation Asset Management Council to conduct PASER ratings for the tri-county area. Road ratings are then used to set priorities for maintenance and other improvement projects.


Beginning fall 2018, Tri-County has produced an annual report outlining the current condition of the system and identifying the needs of the federal aid system in the region. These reports provide “snapshots” of the current conditions as well as provide feedback to our local communities as to what repairs are working as expected and where improvements in the treatment may be necessary.


The region's 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan also includes a long-range plan for managing conditions of the local roadway system in the region.

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