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Regional Travel

(Passenger Air, Rail, & Bus)

When we plan for the region, we look at more than just our roads, bike paths, and public transit. Access to regional travel through passenger air, rail, and private busing is important for a region to be fully connected, both within its own communities and to other cities and regions.


Tri-County is currently in the early stages of planning for passenger air travel. As a regional international airport, the Capital Region International Airport (LAN) provides direct access to many of the nation’s major hub airports on a daily basis. We are studying improved access for both passengers and freight into and out of the airport. 


The region's 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) continues long-standing efforts to provide access to passenger rail opportunities in the region. Currently, passenger rail is provided by AMTRAK via the Blue Water line. Passengers have daily access to trains servicing Chicago to Port Huron. Two additional daily trips are available via bus connector to the Wolverine line serving the Detroit – Chicago corridor. As Michigan looks to expand rail network, services, and infrastructure, more initiatives - like the Michigan Coast-to-Coast Rail Study and Midwest Regional Rail Initiative will improve our rail system.

The Capital Area Multimodal Gateway, also known as the East Lansing station, is an intermodal transit station in East Lansing, Michigan. Operated by the Capital Area Transportation Authority, it is served by Amtrak's Blue Water passenger train, local buses, and intercity buses.

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